Blogshop was a workshop offered for aspiring bloggers who want to learn more about how to make the most of their content and how to create unique visuals and layouts. The workshop teaches them the basics of photoshop, and how to use it to maximize their blog's potential. Blogshop offers both in-person and at-home classes multiple times a year, all taught by Bri of designlovefest and Angela of angela+ithyle


The purpose of this project was to create a three-part media kit for an event: a website, an e-publication, and a print booklet. 

The website, which is the first point of contact with users, serves to provide the most basic information. This is intended for people who may or may not have prior knowledge of the class or what it offers. The e-publication is a downloadable interactive PDF where users can opt to find out more. The final piece, the print booklet, is handed out to users who attend the event, and is designed to create a brand connection.

Blogshop e-publication, website, and print booklet.

Blogshop e-publication, website, and print booklet.


After researching Blogshop, I chose adjectives that described the brand. From those adjectives, I built a moodboard with colors, typefaces, patterns, textures, and sample images that align with the brand. This moodboard was extremely helpful when making visual design decisions, because it challenged me to assess whether or not certain elements fit within the brand's identity. After deciding on these brand standards, I was able to begin the design process.

Blogshop teachers Bri + Angela.

Blogshop teachers Bri + Angela.



Shown here are the website, the e-publication, and the print booklet. The e-publication is intended to be downloaded from the website as a supplemental piece, and the print booklet is to be given to attendees at the events as a way to promote brand loyalty.