Sagmeister & Walsh is a design firm based in NYC. They create identities, commercials, websites, films, books, exhibitions, and much more. 

They are well-known in the design world for their use of shock value in their work,and using unconventional materials and methods to deliver their message.

I created this promotional book for their firm, showcasing their work and the uniqueness of their partnership. My concepting process began with the meaning of the ampersand. Their company logo is the ampersand, which highlights their partnership. My concept is based on the idea that although Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh are both amazing designers as individuals, together, as partners, they create something even better. 

Sagmeister & Walsh capabilities book.

Sagmeister & Walsh capabilities book.



Because of this idea of partnership, I chose certain images (and small parts of images) three-dimensional through the use of the anaglyph technique. Although you can see the images without the use of 3D glasses, the blue and the red lenses really make Sagmeister & Walsh's work "pop out" and shine. The glasses reinforce the idea that it takes the two working together to create something awesome. 

Sagmeister & Walsh.

Sagmeister & Walsh.


In addition to designing the book, I also designed and built the packaging for the book itself. The top of the box is divided into two sliding pieces, each etched with half of their logo. When the box is closed with the book inside, it divides the image of the two of them on the cover to emphasize that the two halves of them create a whole.