This project was an exercise in concept development. The purpose of this project was to keep a journal for seven days detailing my graphic design journey, then creating something to represent the concept. 

Transformed Through Tension describes a process of growth, transformation, and change. For each day, I wrote freely about my thoughts, fears, struggles, and emotions - all revolving around design. At the end of each day, I also came up with one or two open-ended questions to sum up the journal entry, took a photograph to document the day, and chose two nouns to describe the entry.

Packaging series to represent my concept.

Packaging series to represent my concept.



While developing my journal presentation format, the words that stood out to me were stretchedtransformed, and challenged

I chose to present my journal as a packaging series for rubber band balls. At the core of each ball is my journal entry, crumpled and hidden from plain view, which symbolizes my struggle to be vulnerable as a designer. As each day passes, the size of the rubber band ball grows larger, signifying the use of tension (the stretch factor of the rubber band) in order to transform myself (into something bigger and better).

The idea of a packaging series represents a sense of unity - although the size of the rubber band ball and the content varies from day to day, it is all a part of my process and journey as a designer.